Sale is full of talented people and one of them is 19-year-old Chante Keegan who stars in a Amazon Prime TV series called Ringside.

Chante has 12-years acting experience and has a diploma in acting, she also appeared in a Nike advert and filmed a pilot for a TV series called ‘Ghetto Heaven’ in Salford.

Ringside was written and directed by Wythenshawe teacher and filmmaker James Twyman.

The series is mostly about a kid called Chad (Joe Stanley) who has a bad upbringing, with a lazy mother who is both aggressive and manipulative, his clothes smelling and things not working out, now even more vulnerable Chad gets befriended by a stranger who offers him money and a phone, he then enters a criminal world he did not expect.

In another scene Chad ended up fighting a man and ended up knifing Ellie (Chante) in the stomach, the series helps kids to understand not to be getting involved with the wrong people which often leads to crime.

In the end Chad becomes a man overnight after finding the right lifestyle in boxing, he then finds himself earning £100 a week for cleaning up the boxing ring and gym, his lazy good for nothing mother actually got up! the first time she was seen standing and got some brutal truths from Chad.

He stood up to his mother and told her that she was a failure and gave her more truths about why his father died and she had no more words and went off into another room to think about things.

The series also highlights the devastating consequences of using a knife, even a slash could lead to someone dying, the series shows the dangers in a way many people will understand, its thought provoking and will move just about everyone who watches it.

It is a powerful drama and one we recommend to everyone.

Chante is a star in the making and we wish her all the best in her career, we also hope that James Twyman writes and directs more series like this, his work on Ringside was of excellent standards.