Trafford planning has approved a mast upgrade at Sewage works on Rivers Lane in Davyhulme which means the current 15 metre poll will become 20 metres and will hold 18 antennas where previously it held just 6.

More cabinets are to be installed at the location.

What is more dodgy about this application was when it first came onto the application list on the website it was only up for just two days, this meant residents or concerned people could not view anything, yet the application was still hovering around in the background.

We do not buy the claim that the website was faulty, other applications went on just fine, for us this application was hidden and for good reason.

Had local people including those in Urmston and Flixton known about this mast they would have objected making it harder for the council to approve it, we are not sure if any letters were received by local people or business.

As the City Airport is not so far away this mast will pose dangers to aircraft altimeters as 5G frequencies have been known to cause interference, we believe the airport are not clued up on 5G frequencies and have since contacted them.

Mobile phone masts are needed, technology should never stop, but at what price?