Easter 2022 will go down as one of the most bizarre days here so far in Trafford after a huge response turned out for a man who fell off his bike.


Moss Lane in Partington was closed both ways to Traffic on the evening of April 17 as police and a detective was at the scene with several other people thought to be people who may have seen the accident.

Police have now confirmed the man fell off his bike and was seemingly unhurt in the accident.

As we was at the scene we did see two bikes, one of which was an electric bike, the man holding the electric pedal assist cycle seemed to be the one who fell off the bike, he did not look badly injured, no signs of any cuts although he was holding his neck.

The place where he came off was on a deceptive incline however on any electric bike it would have been a breeze, so how did he fall off? and even more importantly why did the Air Ambulance come out?

A fall can be nasty and a bad one requires such attention, this on the face of it did not really require such attention and at the very least a trip to the GP the next morning, instead everything other than a fire engine came out.

People were held up because of the injured cyclist who was so badly injured he did not even make it on a stretcher.

The AIr Ambulance only survives through donations from the general public and they are right to be angry at wasting so much money like this.

It wasn’t all negative though, children in the waiting cars got a wave from the medics going into the helicopter and they enjoyed watching the helicopter take off and back to its base at City Airport Manchester.