A new code of conduct for buskers in Altrincham aims to ensure a balance between the needs of musicians, residents and businesses.

The standards, implemented by Trafford Council, are in operation from 1 April for buskers in Altrincham town centre. They set out guidance on the conduct and behaviour of all who wish to perform impromptu live music in the award-winning town centre streets.

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said: “We want to ensure that the centre of Altrincham is a thriving, prosperous and secure environment for everyone who lives, visits or works around the town.

“Buskers can really enhance the atmosphere of a town centre but we want to make sure they don’t have a negative impact on the surrounding area.

“Therefore, we are asking buskers to abide by the new code to ensure that live music can continue to be part of the life of the town, without interfering with other users of the town centre.”

Buskers are now being asked to only play music at a reasonable volume and not to cause obstructions to town centre businesses.

The code will operate between 1 April and 30 September after which its operation will be reviewed.

We have asked the question to local councillors how buskers who normally can be seen playing a guitar able to control the volume, the reason they are playing music is primarily to earn a few quid whilst often playing some good music.

Some buskers can have an electric guitar in which case they can turn the volume down, however turning it down to whatever Trafford Council deems as reasonable will affect the performance and the individuals chances of earning some money.

Buskers generally do not get in the way all that often and find a spot where they are seen but no chance of causing an obstruction.

(Pic: Music being played in Altrincham town centre via Google Maps)