Reports suggest that E-scooters will become legal in the matter of weeks as the Government allows all E-scooter owners the full rights to be allowed to ride on public land.

This will prove controversial so it is expected some laws will come with owning an E-scooter, speculation is that riders will be required to wear a helmet, have an additional bell, restrict all scooters to 15.5mph and will not be allowed on pavements.

E-scooters have been around a while now and even though it’s not legal to ride these scooters many are still freely riding them up and down the country, police have no real time to be catching people on E-scooters although from time to time they have a day of action where every E-scooter rider that comes anywhere near the web gets caught and fined.

At this time some E-scooters go very fast and some riders are seen on pavements which can cause problems, and even some deaths although it is very low.

E-scooters is a sustainable way to travel around, and with the laws changing could interest more people and get them out of the car.

We think though the restrictions to 15.5mph will be overcome easily by changing some of the software or disconnection of a certain wire, many scoots will be from Amazon and will come at way over the 15.5mph speed limit.

For all E-bikes and scooters we think the speed should be 20mph it would still be safe yet would enhance the ride and giving less excuses for people to decline the idea of having a E-scooter because its to slow.

We shall have to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks, for now riding on an E-scooter remains against the law on public land, you can only ride on private land at this time.