Previously we told you about a problem at Village Green chippy on Hall Lane in Partington, we have now got the full inspectors report.

The chippy was given a zero (0) rating which is the lowest an establishment can get.

The inspector said “The premises is not in a suitable condition and is not being managed effectively, the diary say’s everything is okay however the controls in place are not suitable”

A number of things the inspector noted were dirty surfaces, dirty containers, dirty equipment, wash hand basin dirty and worse it was blocked!, fridge dirty.

They found forks and knives including containers were all filthy caked with grease and sticky, nothing was cleaned.

Raw meat preparation was inadequate due to dirty conditions, no wash basin to clean hands or sanitiser was present

A set of conditions were given to the chippy owner and until then the chippy according to the officer could no longer serve food until things improved and was agreed.

The handwriting of the inspector made things difficult to read although we got enough of the information to be able to give you the information.

In summary the reason for the bad rating was simply because they were not clean and possible cross contamination in dirty fridges, blocked drain did not help them although that should not be a problem and expect everything to be cleaned.

Having the tools of the trade dirty and plastic containers sticky and work surfaces greasy could have caused local people stomach bugs and possibly worse.

The chippy we know offer some very nice meals, many residents have always used the chippy and never had any issues, however no one would have been happy had they seen what was going on behind the scenes.

It is expected Village Green chippy will improve the ratings and people can be feel safe in the knowledge that the food they eat from this takeaway is cooked to perfection, tasty and more importantly it’s safe!

You can see the full report below: