New 5G antennas on Nelson House in Timperely

Horrible looking 5G antennas have been installed on Nelson House on Park Road in Timperley, they are overly dominant and ruins the looks of the once block of offices.

GM Roadworks from TFGM continues to state on the website work will be carried out at the same property at the start of next month so it might be they will take down existing 4G antennas or even install more!

Networks can now install 5G antennas where once a 4G mast operated from, although some still have to go through planning which can be objected to, it is for the authority to make sure all residents are aware of work well before the consultation date ends.

In recent times we have been made aware in other mobile phone mast applications that have been approved no one got any leaflets through the door and in this instance no information was seen on any lamppost which is unusual.

It is important for residents of Nelson House to get together and contact Trafford Planning, local councillors and the MP to get these antennas moved away from the property or at the very least put to the back of the property.

The owner of the property also needs to be asking questions as these antennas will put off any potential new people looking for an apartment.

If you wish to know more about 5G and the harm it is causing people even now! please head over to the Facebook group ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’ where you will be welcomed.