Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak today stood at the dispatch box and gave all those on benefits and low incomes a life-line.

People in receipt of benefits will get one lump sum of £650 a one off payment you do not need to pay back, this will be given in two stages from July.

You do not need to do anything as payment will go straight into your bank account.

More good news for people more so elderly people who will get winter payments from £150 up to £300.

The £200 that would have had to be paid back has been doubled to £400 and now will not have to be paid back this was to help with energy bills and was supposed to have been payed back £40 a year.

With many people already getting £150 and £175 from the council this will be incredibly helpful to all of these people through what is going to be an energy nightmare.

Sunak has also said they are taking to the energy companies to lower bills since they in his own words “Are making extraordinary profits”

According to the opposition this is no more than a u-turn by the Tories as this is a windfall tax on the profits of the energy companies.

Help will also be available for those who are more well off although it was not clear what help they would get.