The Commission has published its final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Trafford Council.

They propose that Trafford Council has 63 councillors in the near future the recommendations proposed means those councillors should represent 21 three-councillor wards across the borough.

The biggest name change is in the St Mary’s ward where it will be renamed ‘Manor’ in the Partington area (Bucklow St Martins) this was to be renamed Western Parishes but fortunately that name was dropped.

Much of Stretford will be renamed Stretford and Humphrey Park, Sale Priory becomes Sale Central and stretches a little into Sale Moor, Brooklands stays the same as does Broadheath.

Altrincham expands a little into the Hale and Hale Barns area and Village in Timperley becomes Hale Barns and Timperley South.

You can find out more about the final recommendations HERE