The demolition of the Pelican Pub (Inn) and Altrincham Lodge might not go ahead after Trafford Planning Committee were minded to refuse the application.

Because of the non-determination of the application it has now gone to appeal which could take up to a year to decide.

A non determination simply means the council did not give the application the light of day within the statutory period which is why the applicant has lodged the appeal.

The proposal would result in the total loss of a non-designated heritage asset, along with the loss of a community facility without appropriate justification (The Pelican Inn). the proposal would fail to deliver a policy-compliant level of affordable housing, the case for which is not supported by a viability appraisal.

The proposed development is also considered to be out of character with the urban grain of the surrounding area, visually intrusive in the street scene and would represent the over development of the site by reason of its layout, height, scale, and massing. In addition, the development is not considered to provide a good standard of amenity for future residents.

The application got many public objections for various reasons and so now this application although it seems it still needs to be heard at a near future planning meeting is destined to fail despite an appeal.

The applicant was to only offer 22% affordable housing when the council wanted 45% and so the application fails to accord with Policies L2 and L8 of the Core Strategy, SPD1, the NPPF and NPPG.

In the report it gives many reasons why the committee was minded to refuse this application which now means the Pelican Pub stands for a while longer, hopefully forever.

Even though the application is now going to appeal it still has yet to be read out at a planning meeting and this will now happen on June 9.