Although Partington needs a big new sports centre it will have to make do with a refurbished one for the time being and things added to it or around it.

The artificial football pitch looks to be first on the list with lots of sand to go under the pitch and although we have read we will see two of these pitches its unsure at this time when or where the second artificial pitch will go although likely side by side.

A health and wellbeing hub is to be created thought to be being held in the sports centre although no information is to hand yet of any final decision on this.

Sports facilities in the area are badly in need of not only an upgrade but more of it is needed, to encourage more people to get on a bike, go for a walk or even a run must be a priority going forward.

The lack of a fresh food shop is not a good way to promote healthy eating we hope the levelling up fund can help bring people in to provide Partington with cheap good quality fresh veg and fruit on a daily basis.

Cycling facilities in the area and around it need enhancing, lots of easy to see and understand signage would help many people get on a bike again, so long as motorbikes ‘cannot’ at any part of a cycle path get on to it then more families will get cycling and feel safe doing so.

Walking routes in Partington would be incredibly popular and of course we know of groups now who go out and explore, many with cameras who will get some amazing pictures of the day, having a nice drink of tea or coffee with maybe a packed sandwich when they get back makes for some very happy and healthy people.

More should be done for disabled people, although depending on the disability no one should ever be left out.

Partington has much to offer people and with enhancements to local facilities including the new football pitch and more! things are looking brighter for the area.