Trafford planning approved 6 new houses on a plot of contaminated land behind Westwood foodstores Warburton Lane in Partington.

Several objections were submitted by residents and the Parish Council, a late objection was submitted by a normally sleepy Positive Partington.

The application originally was for 8 new houses however this was reduced to 6 making it fit in better behind the shop and garage which we originally thought was to be bulldozed as part of the plans.

Although the application has been approved it comes with many conditions, one of them is for the applicant to make sure they clean up all contamination, according to a resident lots of rubbish had been buried during remediation of the site.

Other residents complained of flooding events and concerns of anti social behaviour, another resident was concerned about the tree removal issue which could potentially cause privacy issues for existing residents.

Several trees are to come down and a hedge during construction of this small development, a new car parking space will be built with access to Warburton Lane from the side of the shop, this could cause some issues more so at peak times.

Although Partington does not need anymore new housing this is a very small housing development and will not make that much difference, although it will for a time be a problem for existing residents during construction and we agree the roof design of these new properties is not going to look good in that area.

Contamination issues are resolved easily enough and we expect builders to be working on site soon after.