Partington has lost more acres of green belt than any other area in Trafford, despite this fact the Labour run council says nothing instead they waffle on about Carrington and other places.

Sure they saved an abandoned golf course in Flixton and done a few other things like create a duck pond and of course the bit of green space on Crossford Bridge in Sale.

When it comes to Partington they say nothing about how much of the green belt has been lost and more to come!

The biggest chunk of green belt and green spaces was on the banks of Manchester Ship Canal behind Lock Lane, this includes the land that goes almost to the Cadishead Viaduct.

This was a right of way for residents to use, although in places it got very muddy it was a very nice bit of land for all the community and further out to use, it is now in the hands of yet another housing developer, progress has been made as the houses even before they are fully built are being sold.

Before you know it all the houses will have been built and the chaos starts!

We know about 5.5 acres of green belt has been bought by an unknown firm or person opposite Cross Lane Park although its been around 2-years since it has been bought and nothing other than ‘Keep out’ signs have been seen.

More land around Partington will be snapped up more of our green belt gone and never to be seen again, once its gone its gone forever, it seems the councillors think this does not apply for Partington.

Giving the kids of Partington a Youth Centre is one thing, a credit! or was it something to distract the people so the Trafford Labour group can get on with the business of saying yes more times than the man from Delmonte to every housing developer, come to Partington Trafford Labour couldn’t care less about the green belt, just build, build some more and keep on building.

We agree though about the shortage of houses in Trafford and we need more just leave our green belt our green spaces out of it, the consequences of every councillors actions now will be felt later down the line and do they care?