The application for yet more mega sized units at Carrington Business Park will add further lorries and vans to the chaotic scenes on Manchester Road in Carrington.

Whilst hopefully local people will gain employment which is a good thing unless a solution is found soon things will go from bad to worse more so at peak times as many people will have no options but to leave the car, the van and the HGV’s behind and walk to work or abandon a delivery.

Bus operators will eventually get no money from passengers as everyone will look for a quicker way to work or wherever they are going, with it being in that area the options are next to nothing other than to walk or to cycle.

The relief road will be delayed as public opposition will be overwhelming and the council will need to fall back on a plan B route which would go around Carrington Moss however this could mean the relief road will cost more.

Even with the relief road if it was ever built this would not be wide enough to cope, roads are the answer to the traffic nightmare that is coming for Partington residents, motorists looking for a quicker route may find themselves in the lanes (Sinderland Lane) this would be crazy! they would be stuck completely both ways.

With 650 new 2, 3 and 4 bed houses going up behind Lock Lane, A similar amount going up at Broadway and Heath Farm, 28 new apartments opposite the petrol station, 48 (estimated) going up eventually on the former Partington Social Club, more going up near to Central Road likely to be next year and many more in the pipeline you do not have to be a rocket scientist to realise this is not going to end well.

Residents are right to be concerned about the already capacity issues at the doctors in Partington, we are forever getting messages about the bad situation even now! wait until all the housing developments are completed!

No one in the right mind should come to live in Partington or Carrington until the dumbed-down councillors start to understand what they are actually doing, sit around a table and listen to the public for once! forget all these consultations which is simply a way of making people believe they have a say! the majority of the time the decisions have already been made.

It is Partington that will suffer the most and it is them that needs some assurances from those that claim to represent them that with all the new people coming in soon that they won’t be impacted by it all, to show them any secret plans or ideas the council may have, and to hold regular meetings to discuss any concerns they have going forward.

Having more people in both Carrington and Partington means more money for the council, it means the economy will be better…..if only the councillors and those at planning stopped saying yes to every housing developer and asked them clearly before they do say ‘Yes’ that you have done your homework and made sure that existing and new residents are not impacted by what you have built.

(Pic: Manchester Road via Google Maps)