On a very nice day in Walton Park in Sale with only a handful of people in the park suddenly became a temporary film set.

Carol Thomas who played football for teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Preston came to the park to give some tips to youngsters playing football.

The ex women’s footballer also played for England from 1974-1985 and will be filming again for the Euro’s 22 which is being held at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground.

To choose Walton Park over all the others was something residents can be proud about, having an international footballer on the football pitch gave the park a touch of class, Walton Park has already seen filming this year in the sports centre for a Sure advert.

The advert took two days to make and was about disabled footballers, the advert has already been shown on UK television.

Despite some drugs issues that can happen in any park these days, Walton Park has been the place to be for filming and famous people, the park has just enjoyed a very successful event where many people came to listen to a brass band, and to buy from the many stalls that helped give the park group much needed funding to help keep the park with things it needs or keeping flowers looking good.

UEFA women’s EURO 22 kicks of tomorrow (6 July) at Old Trafford.