It is believed three Typhoon fighter aircraft will fly over Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium just before kick off at 8pm.

The first game to be played will be England v Austria in group A.

The aircraft will fly east bound over Warrington, the flight path could see all three aircraft coming over Partington and then Carrington then on to Stretford.

We checked specialist forums and all have said the aircraft are due over at approx 7.52pm this evening so get your camera’s ready.

This was from an iPhone at 4K 60FPS with 3x zoom

It is expected the aircraft will fly at around 6,000ft and we expect the aircraft to turn around and head back west which of course means Partington gets another chance to see the aircraft.

This will be a special day not just for football and the estimated 70,000 fans but for all those interested in military aviation as we don’t get to see the Typhoon aircraft much over Manchester.

If you do not have a specialist camera or a camera, do not worry all you need to do is get your iPhone or something better and set to 4K and do a video with good zoom, so you now have a super quality video and just do some screen shots.

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