Manchester United finally released the home kit for 22/23 season this morning and many fans really like this design.

The replica jersey will set you back £70 for an adult £100 for the authentic top and for a kids the home replica top will be £50 from Manchester United Megastore.

German sportswear firm Adidas who makes the kits have designed a winning kit this time around with a polo style collar with one button, the red shirt has subtle pin stripes, the authentic version is very similar only a lot lighter, more of the pinstripes and all logos are stuck on where the replica has stitched Manchester United and Adidas logos.

The authentic version also has a rounded off back panel and taped three stripes on the shoulders, the replica version has cloth stripes.

With the kits being a little bit more expensive and with the cost of living hitting many people and worse to come it might have been helpful to the fans to reduce the kits this time around although you do get 10% off at the Megastore if you are a member which itself costs £35 and £60 for premium.

Often we see places like Sports Direct who are able to offer kits a bit cheaper sadly this is not the case anymore although if you click and collect and you spend over £100 you will get £10 back but you can only spend it on something else in the shop.

Often most people look for the training tops as its cheaper than the kits this is a good idea, they are as good as the kits and often a better design, sadly so far the training kits look very boring, bland colours and not our cup of tea.

One last thing to remember if you are a Bruno Fernandez fan, he is number 8 for next season!