We have already seen very high temperatures today (Monday) here in Trafford however with the cloud cover it eased off a little and we will soon see lower more comfortable temperatures.

On Tuesday it is expected to be still a fairly warm day although with the expected cloud cover temperatures will be around 24c, it gets cooler again on Wednesday at 21c and a similar temperature on Thursday.

High pressure though comes back in for Friday where we will see temperatures lift again to around 26c and then on to the weekend where on Saturday it is expected to be much like today (Monday) very warm and lots of sunshine.

It is Sunday where the Met office and just about everyone else who does weather forecasting who are saying temperatures could reach 40c in some parts of the UK which would break records.

If they get it right we will all need to take some precautions on what we all do during Sunday, even fit healthy people could get into trouble, if you have to go out wear a high factor sunscreen, the sun at that strength will burn the skin in no time.

If you have some UV t-shirts and other items of clothing this will be helpful to you during the day, keep with you water or some drink, bring money to buy more, keep in the shade as much as you can.

Make sure the elderly people have a good supply of cool drinks, and the rooms are cool, you can buy cooling fans from Amazon cheap enough, if you cannot do this then place a fan inside the room.

Our pets are most vulnerable when its as hot as expected, dogs and cats should remain inside the home until the temperature decreases, make sure they have lots of drink do not have them in the car or van unless you are in the vehicle and that you have the air conditioning on and windows open both sides.

Never leave an animal in the car or van even only for a few minutes, with the window slightly open it won’t make any difference, the animal could die, if you have to go to the shop or somewhere else leave them at home no matter how much they press your button.

Transport will be affected as some roads will melt, new road surfaces are more vulnerable than older surfaces, rail services including Metrolink could be badly affected as the rail lines begin to warp, overhead cables could stop working.

Manchester Airport and City Airport Manchester could have some delays or worse some flights might be cancelled althogether.

Stay safe at the weekend and we will bring you the very latest information if things change, as it stands we are heading for one record breaking weekend.