This week Trafford Planning has refused two 5G masts one in Urmston and the other in Timperley, this is great news however the reasons for refusal of the Timperley mast is very interesting.

The reasons for refusal (2) read:

The application fails to demonstrate that the proposal would be in compliance with the
International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Public Exposure
Guidelines. As such, the proposal would fail to comply with the provisions of paragraph
117 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

So effectively the council are saying that the 18 metre monopole with several antennas on it is actually a danger to the public since it is not compliant for radiation exposure levels.

We can go one further after finding out officially that a 5G or even a 4G mast should be around 500m away from a residential area, we can inform you that many masts are well within this figure, for example and at a rough estimate:

  • Chapel Lane, Partington (Three/EE) 30/40m away from Astro pitch, 150m from Broadoak School 250m from a daycare nursery on Oak Road, 300/350 away from a tiny playground on Oak Road Playing Fields, 250/300m away from Partington Central Academy.
  • Woodhouse Lane East. Timperley (EE and O2) a 4G mast no more than 30/40m from school, a 5G mast no more than 30m from school
  • The Avenue/Firsway, Sale (O2) no more than 40m away from corner house behind the mast, 40/50 away from property on Firsway in front of the mast, all houses up to Moss Lane within 500m and surrounding area including some of the Sale West Estate.
  • Nelson House, Timperley several 4G antennas and newly built 5G antennas on top of the building will be affecting all that live in the property below and surrounding shops, 150m away is a primary school and Newton Park, a daycare centre is around 200/250m away further east of the property.
  • Victoria Park infant and junior school is around 100m from a 5G mast, 150m away from 5G and 4G masts on Chester Road, 300m from a 5G mast on Canute Road jnc with Chester Road, 60m from shops and residential areas and around 200/250 from Victoria Park.

Many other areas of Trafford have 5G masts built or are going to be built that are way too close to residential property and schools, playgrounds to be deemed as safe.

Now the council has made a statement that it did not agree that the Timperley mast did not comply with exposure guidelines then all must be like this since its the same frequency for all 5G masts although Three has a little bit more spectrum and so for every approval it seems they did not fully understand the guidelines or even read it.

We believe this is the case with many of the political and parish councillors, it is a technical document and you would need a degree in many sciences to understand it fully, however is it not irresponsible to be claiming something is safe, claiming “It’s alright” and other things when they know nothing about the frequencies and what it will be doing not only to the residents and animals in that area but to themseleves.

This is truly shocking and Trafford Planning need to stop the networks immediately so no further damage can be caused until they are sure the frequencies are safe which they will never be.