Emergency services rushed to Salford Quays where they had reports that a teenage boy had gone missing whilst swimming with his mates at Salford Quays last night.

Police have said they have recovered a boy from the water although have not yet released his identity has said that he is a 16-year-old boy.

It is thought that he got into difficulties and his mates who was swimming with him got concerned and raised the alarm.

Whilst some people think it’s OK to swim in canals and rivers to cool off they often forget how dangerous it is to do this.

Whilst you might be a good swimmer this means nothing! in the water we cannot see what’s underneath, some things thrown in could trap your legs or even your feet, the water is also freezing cold even when its hot this can cause serious issues and even death.

The current is also something people forget about, a strong current can take you away, going in these polluted waterways is not a good idea either, with the government allowing companies to discharge all types of toxic rubbish you could be causing serious harm to yourself even if you do manage to get out of the water!

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