Industrial action by Arriva means no buses will run on 20 July on buses to and from Partington, other services in Trafford are also affected.

A total of 1.844 workers said yes to the strike, Arriva offered an 8.5% pay increase, the Union who called the strike was it seems looking at a previous figure of 3% which is why the strike was called, 8.5% is a generous offer compared with other offers elsewhere.

247 to Altrincham from Partington and the Partington to Trafford Centre are affected, the 280 service to Sale will also be affected by the industrial action until further notice.

Other services in Trafford that are affected are 263, 245 288, the number 18 that goes through Sale will also be affected.

The only bus services that will run will be 255 and the number 5 to Altrincham, anyone wanting to go to Trafford Centre should get the 255 to Stretford and connect to a bus that goes to Trafford Centre.

Buses that are funded by TFGM will be running a revised time-table this means bus numbers  281 to 287  will be covered by Goodwins.

Those with Arriva tickets of seven days or more, that were purchased and activated before the date of the strike, will also be able to use their ticket on selected Metrolink lines during this period.  

TfGM’s Head of Customer Experience, Sean Dyball, said: “We understand the concern passengers will have and we want to reassure them that we’re working closely with the operator to limit the disruption as much as possible.   

“Unfortunately, due to current conditions and staff absences, we have not been able to secure replacements for all routes. Where we can, we have worked to prioritise routes with no or limited alternative transport options. 

“We have travel information available on our website to help people make informed journey choices and to cycle or walk where possible, especially for shorter trips.“ 

Dedicated travel information pages, containing full information about the services and alternative options, are available on the TfGM website