Trafford Planning Committee who go by what ICNIRP says about 5G and health issues as if it was a bible of safety, the same with other councillors in the borough.

Another check on the new guidelines shows something that even a toddler could understand:

“Radio frequency fields have the ability to penetrate the human body (though the higher the frequency, the lower the depth of penetration), with the main effect of this being a rise in temperature in the exposed tissue. The human body can adjust to small temperature increases in the same way as it does when undertaking exercise and performing sporting activities. This is because the body can regulate its internal temperature. However, above a certain level (referred to as the threshold) depending on the duration, HF exposure and the accompanying temperature rise, can provoke serious health effects, such as heatstroke and tissue damage (burns)”

5G small masts will be higher frequency, no one has any safety data surrounding the brains of all mobile phone monopoles and that’s the cabinets however and the words of mobile phone mast installers for O2 and Vodafone Cornerstone:

“Members of the public cannot unknowingly enter areas close to the antennas where exposure may exceed the relevant guidelines”

Lets look at them words for just a moment ‘Enter’ and ‘Close’ how many times have you been walking or even stood next to a mast? how many times has your children or child stood next to a mast? what about all the monopoles that are installed outside of schools or near where children play? no one is safe.

Just to make this ultra clear to any sceptics, NO! you are not going to drop dead, you are not going to get cancer through the radiation immediately, this will need a huge amount of exposure over a while, in the short term more people will have more headaches and other ailments doctors will probably think is normal, even they do not understand what 5G frequencies are! often we find they don’t even know what 5G is! we have asked several here in Trafford so we know!

We have read and heard councillors in Trafford claim all sorts of things from “it’s safe” and “ICNIRP says it’s safe” and other things only school kid bullies would say in a playground!

With the above wording from both ICNIRP and Cornerstone, including the mobile phone mast engineer we interviewed, and another man interviewed last Sunday who works in the mobile phone mast industry saying they have no proof its safe and it’s a harmful technology it’s not rocket science to show something is not right with this technology.

Whilst we agree having faster internet speeds is a good thing and other applications that could help business, we need to make sure its safe for all to use, no one can argue with that point and we ask all Trafford Councillor’s to lay down your inflated EGO’s and give this more than a few minutes of your time.

Cornerstone themselves told us a few white lies in recent times, in one email they told us that the MMwave antennas (Small Cell) would not be deployed because of the cost, OFCOM also gave us information that the networks would need to buy spectrum in a bidding frenzy before MMwave was installed, no auction was ever seen or heard about.

We know about the C-band part of 5G causing interference with the altimeter on aircraft, we had been told by pilots that we do not have this here in the UK, we will soon! it is believed the CAA are keeping a watch on this whilst City Airport Manchester continue to ignore this potentially serious problem.

Do not accept 5G until proven safe.