Before work started and front cover is the latest picture

A property that has been standing empty and in a poor condition for five years is now fully renovated and occupied – thanks to Trafford Council.

The house on Mossgrove Road, Timperley, had been empty and causing serious complaints from neighbours until Trafford Council’s Housing Standards team stepped in to take action.

The team contacted the owner on a number of occasions to ask that improvements are made to the property and gardens, which had fallen into disrepair.

A series of warning letters were then issued that required the owner to provide a comprehensive programme of renovation works and a firm timescale for their completion.

The owner continued to fail to make sufficient progress and the condition of the property and land deteriorated further.

When no action was taken, the team served enforcement notices that set a legal deadline for the owner to complete specific improvement works. The owner was warned that if they failed to comply then the council would complete the works itself and all unpaid costs would be recovered by the council enforcing the sale of the property.

Thanks to the team’s hard work, the owner sold the property last summer and it has undergone full renovation and has been sold to a new owner – to the joy of local residents.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods, said: “Far too many properties are empty in Trafford and this does not make any sense given the fact we are facing such a huge housing shortage.

“Long-term empty properties cause distress to neighbours as they fall into disrepair and become scruffy and a blot on the landscape. This is another example of how our Housing Standards Team are using their influence and legal powers to tackle problematic long term empty homes. Well done for all your hard work.”

Other long-term empty homes have been identified by the Housing Standards team and they are in the process of taking similar action.