Ex boxer and inspiration to millions around the world has died aged 74.

The alarm bells were raised in the early hours here in the UK that Ali had just hours to live and sadly during the morning several hours later the confirmation that he had died filtered through.

Ali had an amazing career winning 37 of his fights and loosing just 5, he first started boxing at the age of 12 and was fighting for the world championship belt by the age of 22.

Muhammed Ali who’s real name is Cassius Clay joined Islam and it was this that stopped him from joining the US army during the vietnam war.

He died in what was said to be very peaceful way, with all his family around him in an Arizona hospital, it is thought his Parkinson’s disease had complicated things and his breathing was restricted.

It was a sad day for the world of boxing with big names like Mike Tyson coming out paying respect to the peoples champion, it was also a sad day for Ali’s many fans but inspired none the less due to the affect Muhammad Ali had on everyone from generation to generation, his spirit will live on, his analogies his metaphors will live forever.