Memorial Stone Laid In Tameside To Honour Two GMP officers Who Were Killed On Active Duty

A memorial stone has been laid to honour two police officers Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes who sadly killed whilst on active duty.

The Police Memorial Trust’s 39th national memorial was unveiled by MP David Cameron on July 14 at the Hub in Mottram, honouring PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes, who were murdered whilst protecting the citizens of Mottram.

It was on September 18 in 2012 when Fiona and Nicola responded to what they believed was a routine burglary call in Hattersley, but was  a trap set by Dale Cregan who was wanted by police.

Cregan shot the two officers many times, before throwing a grenade at them and then made off.

Fiona aged 32 was living in Sale and had big plans for the future, and Nicola aged 23 just loved the job she was doing when she and Fiona sadly were set up and killed by this evil man.

Cregan is serving life in prison and a whole life order for his crimes which included the shooting of Mark Short who was 23 at a pub and other serious crimes.

RIP Fiona and Nicola


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