MH370 The Lost Airline

Let me first start this article by sending out my condolences to all the families and friends of all that died on the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777.

I would also like to say that the following text is of my own beliefs, I have used facts to guide me to my conclusions.

Today investigators looking for the lost airline have suspended operations, although they have not ended anything, it is pretty much done with now.

What do we know so far? very little is the answer, it seems people are falling over each other trying to find the answers to one of the world’s biggest mystery.

I have heard all sorts of theory’s from the plane landed at a military base, to simply running out of fuel and crashing.

The aircraft could well have just dropped out of the sky due to pilot error, and fell into a vast ocean, problem is how many aircraft, and I mean modern aircraft drop into the ocean these days? let alone even crashing.

The ATC recording look dodgy to me, I do not believe what they have shown the world is accurate, this is where suspicion grows!

My belief is that it was shot sown by someone’s military, using a nuclear tipped bomb it would have vapourised them and the plane leaving little evidence of what happened.

The cover ups, the way the airline has managed the issues, and other things has lead me to this conclusion, I did at one point believe it landed at an military airport but this now seems far fetched.

I would be surprised if we ever find this plane, only grain of comfort I can give to those families is that one day, just one day some half wit will leak confidential information about exactly what happened to the airliner.


(image: Google Images)

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