Manchester United Home Kit Revealed

The new season is almost upon us once more and it’s that time again when all the premier league clubs reveal their new kits.

Manchester united revealed their new kit today July 23 and what a kit this is, one of the best we have seen to date, it has a dual red colour and the three Adidas stripes are now placed at the sides of the body rather than on the arm.

The quality of fabric looks good, and it ought to be since this is also the most expensive kit ever! a replica shirt costing £52 at Sports Direct and £60 from the club.

This is just under £5 more than last season, we are aware that it’s not just United who have increased prices this season.

With people already struggling to find money and many of these people work! we have checked a better deal for you.

Manchester United sell training wear, this is much cheaper than the cost of a replica shirt, but we have seen a replica of the replica for only £20, that is £32 cheaper and looks the same.

Have a look yourself, sure this is not the same fabric, and it does not have the Chevrolet logo on it but it’s exactly the same check it out  HERE

You can of course by last season’s kits from both Sports Direct and the club very cheap now, with the price of a replica shirt under £20.

(image: manutd)

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