Air Pollution In Trafford At An All Time High

The air we breathe in the Trafford area is now more dirty than any other borough in Manchester.

It has now become a huge issue that Trafford Council can no longer ignore. and we will be on their case to make sure something is done.

Let’s look at Sale, this area is not checked and suffers from seriously high pollution levels, more so on the death trap A56.

People have to live off this road, it makes you wonder of Trafford have forgotten about them in all this.

It is no good having two air pollution monitors in Stretford, this will record that area but what about Sale, Altrincham and Partington?

Partington is now more polluted than ever, with SAICA and other industry adding to the mix.

We have had enough and it is now time for political people to stand with us, for protest groups to sound the battle cry.

So far though political people from all parties have done little, it is one thing to offer sound bites but it is another to do something! and so far what have any of them done?

Remembering the air will affect you and yours also, it is in everybody’s interest to get around a big table and get something done.

We will get the ball rolling…


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