After a second attempt it is finally closed, Park Road at its junction with A56 has now shut both ways and for five days from 7pm-5am.

Park Road will get a resurface which includes parts of the A56, it was when the decision was made to close the road, traffic started building up southbound.

Soon after workmen also closed the lane all the way back to near Pizza Hut, we were watching motorists beeping their horns and some were obviously not concentrating and causing issues.

What was clear to us was that southbound at Park Road there is only one lane because of the pedestrian crossing, a siemens worker who we spoke to thought the idea was “madness” and he said “There will be bigger traffic queues” something these roadworks was supposed to help ease.

A resident told us she was not looking forward to the noise issues for the next five days, road workers will keep things as quiet as they can but want residents nearby to understand that these road works need to take place and will be better once completed.