A 16-year-old autistic boy was robbed at knifepoint in an NCP carpark at the Arndale Centre.

The offenders took several items and oddly his trousers, which left him semi-naked pleading with someone to help him.

This is a shocking event for this boy, and must have set his confidence back a fair bit.

People with autism are just like you and me, but they see things in a different way, they often suffer from anxiety and confidence issues, of course, their is much more to it than just that.

We have no details of the offenders other than that they were armed and youths.

Teenagers in Manchester seem to be going crazy this year, is it due to the cutbacks, the lack of youth centres or the huge increase in drugs use? or maybe a little of all them things.

The majority of Manchester’s youth behave very well and are doing great at school, as ever the minority ruin everything, but that minority sadly is growing year on year.

We sincerely hope the boy who was attacked regains his confidence and enjoys a day out somewhere, we suggest not Central Manchester where anyone is far more likely to be a victim of all types of criminality.