Something is not right at Amey (One Trafford) and these problems need to be sorted out by the management at Amey. We all see it in a lack of road repairs (with One Trafford redefining what standard the road has to deteriorate to until action is scheduled). There are uncut hedges. un-emptied bins and people noticing their parks go back to nature. This matter was raised by fellow Liberal Democrat colleague Cllr Jane Brophy at the 27 July 2016 Trafford full council meeting when she asked official questions about perceived deficiencies in the service level provided by OneTrafford. It would be fair to say the executive member for these services: John Reilly was put on the back foot.
What Trafford have done is not particularly unusual for councils around England with many contracting some services out to Amey. With various degrees of success.
What is unusual for Trafford is:
– The length of the contract, it is 23 years in length. locking Trafford Council into this.
– The number of services outsourced to Amey. Almost everything except adult social care. From bin services to road maintenance.
– The amount of money spent on the contract is considered value for money, hence lower year on year to allow Trafford to cut the amount of money spent by the council. When you cut the amount of money that you pay for a basket of services that council did up to 2015 and out-source it to a private company there is even less money as that private company has to take a profit too.
So less money looks like it equals fewer services for Trafford?
The people of Trafford deserve some answers on this rather than political bluster from Conservatives and Labour.   The questions that come to mind are:
  1. What Trafford services have been cut to bring a profit for Amey?
  1. What are the terms of the exit clause in the 23-year contract ?
  2. Can the contract be varied to take some services back from Amey?
  3. What are the cost options for Trafford to change service provider?
Once we have all the answers in and I am not holding my breath on this. As I expect more political bluster to cover up Trafford Torie’s embarrassment at signing Trafford up to this lousy contract. Does this all mean we have to learn to live with bad service from One Trafford or pay more for acceptable services from another company?