Trafford Green Party

Trafford Green Party Are Back Out Helping The People Of Trafford

The Trafford Green party are getting back to work after doing very well in the last local elections, knocking on doors and chatting to residents about the many issues Trafford Council is failing on.

They will also be driving forward the 20’s plenty campaign for safer, quieter and greener roads in the whole of Trafford.

The greens have also offered an update on the fracking situation here in Trafford the statement says

“For 6 years Peel Holdings (owners of the Trafford Centre land) have been planning to build the Davyhulme Biomass incinerator. For a similar length of time, a group of Urmston residents (Breathe Clean Air Group) have been campaigning against it. However, in 2013 Minister Eric Pickles, gave the plan the go-ahead, despite significant local opposition. Also in February 2016 Trafford Planning Committee approved a planning variation to BREP which would result in ‘a slight worsening’ of emissions.

Why should we oppose this project?

At first sight, it seems to make sense to use waste organic products to create energy. However. this comes at a significant cost. Burning biomass generates greenhouse gases and significant toxins. Pollutants like nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, dioxins and heavy metals and particulate matter are often generated. This presents risks to asthmatics and also represents an increased level of carcinogens in the air. It is anticipated that up to 10% of the energy will be from burning Solid Recovered Fuel (including plastic). The carbon footprint caused by transporting waste to the generator is also significant. The incinerator also uses water to create steam which results in disruption to local water supplies. This water is released back into the water source at a higher temperature, disrupting the local ecosystem.

The reason that there are particular concerns in Davyhulme is that this area already has some of the highest levels of pollution in the country. Areas close to the M60 consistently have nitrogen oxide at above safe levels. The ‘ Breathe Clean Air Group’ have been monitoring levels for two years. They have also using ‘Plume plotter’ software which calculates where emissions would fall, based on temperatures and wind direction

Coal bed methane and fracking

In October 2014, Trafford Council gave the go-ahead for Coalbed Methane (CBM) extraction. This is the close relative of fracking. The proposals approve extraction of CBM in and around the Davyhulme area which is close to the proposed area for the Biomass incinerator.

Meanwhile in the south of the borough exploration licences for fracking were granted by the government. This is a first stage in the fracking process. Trafford Council have re-affirmed their opposition to fracking but the government is attempting to bring in legislation that would allow it to fast-track planning applications for fracking, over-ruling local council opposition.

Friends of the Earth are active in bringing opposition to fracking across Greater Manchester. On September 24th they are organising a free national meet up of anti-fracking groups and activists – a day of workshops, inspirational speakers and updates from the fracking struggle across the country. You can sign up here Trafford Green Party member, Cheryl Hookway, has been attending meetings  to co-ordinate opposition to fracking on our behalf and is considering setting up a group in the Altrincham area. If anyone would be interested in helping Cheryl please make contact with her on”

News4trafford are fully behind the green party and its policy’s to ensure Trafford is a cleaner, safer and more prosperous place to live in.


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