Government announces plans to ban microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products.

The UK government has today Sept 3 announced plans to ban the sale and manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products containing very small pieces of plastic also known as ‘microbeads’
It is claimed billions of these tiny microbeads end up in our seas from a range of products such as face scrubs, toothpastes and shower gels.
The microbeads build up in the marine environment and more than likely will be swallowed by fish etc which we may eat!

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom said: “Most people would be dismayed to know the face scrub or toothpaste they use was causing irreversible damage to the environment, with billions of indigestible plastic pieces poisoning sea creatures.

“Adding plastic to products like face washes and body scrubs is wholly unnecessary when harmless alternatives can be used.

“This is the next step in tackling microplastics in our seas following the success of the 5p plastic bag charge, and I look forward to working with industry and environmental groups.

“This government is committed to its promise to be the first generation ever to leave the environment in a better state than it inherited, and together we can bring an end to these harmful plastics clogging up our oceans.”

Gladly their are twenty-five UK cosmetics and toiletries companies who have taken steps to voluntarily phase out microbeads from their products, it is claimed Waitrose will stop selling products containing microbeads from the end of September.

The government will consult industry, environmental groups and other relevant parties to establish how and when a ban could be introduced, aiming to change legislation in the new year, and a consultation will be introduced in late 2016.


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