Big Delays On A56 In Sale As A Mobile Mast Is Installed

A mobile mast and base station was installed on Washaway Road in Sale on Sept 4.

Temporary lights were put in place, but the queues of traffic soon built up, with some side roads also bumper to bumper.



One resident who did not want to be named said: “Why did they not do this in the early hours, it’s a nightmare.”

We agreed that this could have been done in the early hours and not in the afternoon when the road would be busy.

Either way, someone somewhere in the Trafford area will be getting  a better signal very soon, as it happens Sale needs to be looked at by the big networks, more so EE as their signal is as bad as it gets.

As an update we can confirm the new mast is Vodafone and O2 as they mast share, engineers told me it is the latest technology and people will see in the local area a big improvement in both signal and speed.

The engineer who did not want to be named also told us about how to improve the signal by buying a signal extender and fitting it to the outside of your house or flat, he also claims that iPhone may well be the phone of choice and has great technology, but he tells us that the antenna used is poor quality compared to that of a flagship Android phone.

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