A Sale Mum Is Concerned About Kids Being Able To Buy Dangerous Knife’s So Easily On The Internet

A Sale mum who wishes to remain anonymous is concerned about the way kids as young as twelve-years-old being able to buy dangerous knifes on the internet.

She tells me they buy these knife’s pretending to be over eighteen and pay with a pre-pay credit card.


Her own twelve-year-old child was knifed on the Sale West Estate recently and shown us the picture of his hand that he put up to protect himself, it was so graphic we could not show you.

His hand was cut in several places and had been stitched up together, the shape of the knife used caused the most damage.

The mother spoke to her councillor and apparently he agreed that this was a shocking incident, and something had to be done to make sure kids this young cannot get their hands on any dangerous weapon so easily.

We checked on Ebay and you can buy any knife you want on the American site, it is not known how kids are able to con the company with such ease with fake information.

Gladly the boy who was knifed survived to tell the tale, his mum also tells us that the dark days on the Sale West Estate are fast coming back since the kids have nothing to do.

We do not share her opinions about Sale West as this seemed like an isolated but nasty incident, we do agree though that something should be done to make sure knife’s are far away from a child’s reach.





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  1. Agree about the part of the youth centres but that and that alone is the only thing I do agree with. Yes I fear having no permanent meeting/ hangout point for them isn’t helping
    But can I also point out it’s not the responsibility of the youth team workers /clubs / housing landlords to provide entertainment for the parents of Traffords children. kids will be as the local saying goes will be kids. Not sure where the misinformed information has come from but you ask the sale West kids or even adults and I’m sure you will get a clearer picture on our Sale West.


    • Thanks for your message we hope you enjoy our coverage, news4trafford is for the community inside and on the outskirts of the borough, the article was given to us by a member of the public, we saw the picture and was almost sick, I mean in a physical way, it was not an option, this story had to come out, however it was difficult to manage since it could imply that “we” are slating Sale Wesr which we have no intentions in doing, so we amended the script, since then having reviewed it again, we have decided to pull the article until we get further information, but will keep it going on the website so we can update it as of when we get this information, your comment means a lot to us, and hope that this reply helps give us a like on Facebook and on our Twitter feed, thanks again and have a nice weekend.


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