Gang Of Around 40 Youths Attack Another Group Of Youths In A Park In Sale


A gang of around 40 youths in Worthington Park in Sale attacked another gang of youths on Oct 8 at around 7pm.

Screenshot 2016-10-10 at 2.07.12 PM.png

The gang of 40 challenged this other group to a fight, one male refused and walked away, it was then other males from the gang of 40 followed him and threw sticks towards him.

This male was then cornered on Clarendon Crescent, one of the offenders punched him on his head, a second offender then held a sharp implement possibly a knife to the males neck, however the male managed to move away and fortunately suffered no injuries.

The gang continued to harass the male for some time before making off in an unknown direction.

Police say the offenders have yet to be identified and esquires are on going.



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