Those With Mental Health Problems May Find Halloween A Bit Spooky

Halloween for most people is a good laugh, dressing up in zombie clothes and other costumes, kids playing trick or treat and gaining many sweets along the way.


Those with mental health issues can find it a struggle, even more so those with Aspergers which is on the autistic spectrum.

Halloween for them is a real nightmare, all them masks, people knocking at your door can be very scary and we need to remember that these people in your community need to be left alone at Halloween, more so for those with severe mental health issues.

It is also true that some elderly residents are also frightened by people knocking on the door, as with all vulnerable people in the community we must look after them and so not to be knocking on the door, or frightening them with masks or even mocking them!

The clown craze that spread from the US could still be a problem at Halloween, it is that everyone has to be vigilant with, as many of these clowns are not in costume for fun but for something else, but can you image what one of these clowns would do with someone with a severe mental health issue or on the spectrum? you can times the fright by 1000.

Halloween and Bonfire night are bad for people with some mental health issues, let’s help protect them and our elderly residents this year.

(Image: time to change)

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