A Sale Kebab Shop Owner Gets Upset About “Just Eat” Reviews

A shop keeper in charge of Vera on Coppice Avenue in Sale gave a customer a red ear on Halloween night, the customer who wishes to remain anonymous told us he was talking with other customers in the waiting area when the male shop owner suddenly went on the offensive.

Screenshot 2016-10-31 at 7.52.05 PM.png

A row broke out and the customer was on the end of a very large red ear was simply trying to get across a valid point that “he has the right to say what he wants to anyone in the shop”

You can read the shops reviews on Just Eat HERE

The owner continued to fuel the fire, and as expected in heated exchanges the customer told the owner to “FO” you can guess what that means! but that was the only swearing that was heard and the customer later apologised.

The risk was there for all to see with the shop owner who later said “I would tell anyone off if they was saying anything about my business” this means kids? women? truly a shocking comment to make.

Another customer in the shop a young lad tried to stir up the trouble but we are told was ignored and he did the right thing and sat down.

Arguing with a customer in the way he did was not good for his business, he is new still to the area and people will be put off by his inability to not only calm down but showing no professionalism and not getting on with what he is supposed to be there for and that’s to cook meals, tonight because of this attack on a customer many other people’s meals will be delayed, something this owner is very embarrassed about.

The customer left on good terms with the owner, this was we are told not a personal issue, and one that the customer says the owner of Vera can learn from.

Vera offers amazing meals,and they do have good and bad reviews on Just Eat, other customers tell us there pizza is also the best around, just shhhhh say nothing about his just eat reviews.

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