Partington Rightly Complains The Most About LED lighting

Partington has seen it’s lights turn from yellow to white and it is causing some issues with residents.


We took a survey and have done our research and concluded that the majority of people do not want the LED lights due to a number of reasons.

It is true though not everyone in the area has a problem, some people outside of Partington who have LED lights also do not experience any issues with them.

News4trafford put it to a local councillor in Partington who responded in kind, she confirmed that many residents had complained about the lighting arrangement and will now be asking questions too Trafford Council.

We asked you in a previous article about LED lighting to contact your local councillor if you have issues with them, the more people do this the better it will be, we do not expect them to go back to the old style lighting, however we expect someone from Amey to inspect the lights.

Having looked at roads not just in Partington now fully LED we see that some roads have more lights than others, the avenue in Sale being one of them, but only to a point! but where there are more lights the brighter it is, Partington needs more of these lights and this will end the issue of dark spots.

It is also put to us a very good point by one resident who told us “I thought Trafford Council was skint, £9m could have been spent on front line services, we did not need to change the lights”



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