Shocking Image Of A Shopkeeper Being Subjected To A Terrifying Ordeal In Sale

A shopkeeper in Sale was subjected to a terrifying ordeal where a man poured petrol over him and another holding a baseball bat.


Police were called on Dec 24 last year 2015 to the store on Old Hall Road in Sale in the early hours.

Detectives were able to link a male who had also blown up two ATM’s in Timperley and Partington that same year.

Mark Marfleet aged 37 and an unknown offender went into the shop where staff was in the process of putting the newspapers out and doused the shop keeper in petrol.


Both offenders, particularly Marfleet, repeatedly threatened to set the member of staff alight if he did not obey their commands.

After finishing their psychological torture of the shop worker who is thought to be in his 50’s the pair left the shop with cash and cigarettes.

Marfleet was sentenced to eleven and a half years for the robbery and torture of the shop keeper and for blowing up both ATM’s with another male in Timperley and Partington.





Categories: Crime

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