Super Moon Special On Monday But Will The Weather Be Kind?

On Monday the UK will be able to view the moon in a different way, it will be at it’s closest point to the Earth.

Both images you see below is of course not full moons but shows you good detail on how spectacular the moon is.


The supermoon is called ‘November’s full Beaver Moon, it will be visible all night here in Trafford for all to see, the issue could be the weather, it is expected to be cloudy.

This supermoon will be the closest and brightest and the largest since 1948.

If we do not get to see the moon, well we will not see another one until the year 2034 which is a long way off, let’s hope the weather can be kind and give us a clear sky or at least some long breaks so we can get to see this amazing event.


The moon is around 384,000 km away from the Earth in normal orbit and is said to be over four billion years old, it plays a big role here on Earth as we know it influences the tides.

Let’s hope the weather is kind to us!


(Images: Darren Marsden)




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