Investigatory Powers Act Goes Through With No Opposition

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 passed through the commons and house of lords with little or no opposition this week despite it being a bad bill for the UK.


Now the government can give police and other agency’s more powers to track your every online movement, your every call, your every email even if you have done no wrong!

The UK now has the most extreme surveillance powers in the west and we all have to be very concerned about it.

Labour was the only party that could get this either stopped or watered down, but since they are all over the place they did not do anything.

The bill needs royal assent to go through and as ever the queen will give the nod of approval, it makes you wonder if she ever reads these things, how could she give the nod for this? had she had any back bone I am sure she will have thrown it out.

The current government is doing bad things and most of it behind the scenes, we do not live in a democracy anymore, it is true democracy is an illusion, we must stand up to these over paid, unreal, not with it politicians who are eroding our freedom of speech, our way of life, and killing off our use of the internet.

it is also true that many Americans voted for Trump as president because they was sick of the same old political elite offering nothing but a soup full of lies, the UK is in a worser situation than it has ever been, worser because half or more of its people have been masked by the most evil government of our times.


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