Manchester Airport

Two Surprises For Aviation Fans At Manchester Airport.

Manchester Airport is one of the best airports in the UK bringing in millions of people each year, it is home of the A380 operated by Emirates and the queen of the sky’s the 747-4 operated by Virgin Atlantic.


From time to time the fans of aviation also known as ‘AV geeks’ get treated, by surprise visits where aircraft that have to be diverted either due to an emergency or bad weather, but tomorrow is a planned surprise.

Two British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliners are touching down at the airport, it is thought due to thanks giving in the US these aircraft had nowhere to go, so are using the space Manchester has, although this has yet to be confirmed by the airport.

The Boeing 787 had a bad start to its life with several fires on board the airliners, all were thought to have been overheating batteries, as the Dreamliner also runs on battery power.

It is an environmentally friendly aircraft and is partly made from carbon fibre, the first to touchdown in Manchester was airliner Thomson Holidays run by owner TUI, to which hundreds of fans turned up very late to see it.

The first Dreamliner to land at Manchester tomorrow Nov 24 will be estimated at 10.50am both aircraft will stay all day at the airport, if you are going, send us your pictures with your name, or add them to our time line.


(Image: Manchester Airport/Facebook)


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