Product Recall

The Doorbell Chime That Could Give You A Nasty Shock

Swann have recalled a batch of wireless door chimes due to risk of electric shock.

Screenshot 2016-11-24 at 11.21.29 AM.png

The models affected are N31QG and A95TB

You must stop using these devices with immediate effect and return them to the store where you bought it from, no other model is affected by the recall.

Swann who make the door chimes said: “Swann has identified that, as a result of a manufacturing issue, in a small proportion of units the plastic around the assembly screws on the speaker unit can fracture, leading to the risk that the two halves of the unit may become detached from one another.

“This could cause the live internal electrical components to become exposed to the user, creating a risk of electric shock if the unit is plugged into the mains electricity supply at the time.”

We checked and Amazon is still selling this device although we are not sure if they are selling the recalled models, if you have already bought one of these of Amazon or anywhere online you must check the model number, if it matches the numbers above then you must return it.

You can view more on the recall HERE


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