Sale Square Christmas Lights Switch On Was Magic This Year

Many Parts of Trafford had there lights switched on already, and today it was the turn of Sale Square which has always been a fairly big event.


On School Road a long line of stalls from bread making to charities, despite the day being so foggy and cold lot’s people braved the elements to see the lights being switched on.

Sale Square shop owners donate towards the cost of running these lights, and the cardboard tree you see every christmas.

In the run up to the switch on of the lights, the square was in the good company with some fine choirs played by schools in the Sale area, their were many dancers on hand, but everyone was waiting for the big occasion and so the crowd started building up with over 100 watching the switch on in freezing cold temperatures.


Long gone are the lights and big christmas tree that lit up School Road and other areas in Trafford, we are now having to ask for handouts just to make christmas a little bit brighter.

The generosity of Trafford and the coming together in what are hard times for the borough makes us unique in every way and for those that donated be it a member of the public or a business, you can feel very pleased with yourself, adding a little bit more cheer to this years christmas for all.


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