Dog Poisoning

Police Tell People Walking Their Dogs To Be Wary As Unconfirmed Poisoned Meat Balls Was Found By A Dog Walker In Sale

Police are telling people to be wary after unconfirmed poisoned meat balls was found on the Fairywell Road playing fields in Sale, it also seems on social media there is some issue with the accuracy of the location, we cannot find the mentioned place where the incident occurred.


A dog walker picked up the meat and is now being tested by the RSPCA and should get the results in soon, either way it is a good idea to keep your dog on the lead and if it is on of them that would eat and eat then a muzzle is the best option at this time, it then can go off the lead.

Trafford had a spate of incidents this year with several dogs going down ill and one confirmed death.

Police told us that unless people come forward and tell them of incidents they cannot do anything and you must report as normal on the 101 number or via Facebook.

We will update everyone when more information is known, if you have an animal or if you are the dog walker who found the meat please contact us



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