Strike Action

Post Office Workers Go On Strike Next Week-For A Week!

Post Office workers in the UK will stage a five-day strike from Dec 19 and will last a week including on Christmas Eve.


Image: Google Maps

The strike is in response to continuing attacks by company chiefs on their job security and pensions, and in defence of the Crown Office network

If you have a Post Office card account you will need to make sure you have enough money to last you for an entire week, and any bills that need paying that are not by direct debit will also need to be sorted out.

CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey said: “All of the blame for this unfortunate turn of events is 100 per cent down to the intransigence of the company, who have launched an unprecedented attack on the jobs, job security, and pensions of thousands of hard-working and loyal Post Office workers.

Our members want the Post Office management to pause its closure and privatisation programme, hold off on its planned pensions changes, and commit to sitting down with us and with the other key stakeholders of this Great British institution and, together, construct a lasting vision.

“We want to work together to build a positive future for the Post Office, its workforce and, of course, the people who we serve.

“The CWU can be a constructive partner to work with, but sadly, the people currently running the company have, so far, chosen the path of conflict and industrial disputes.”

You can find out more on this planned strike HERE



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