Sale Moor Village Sparkles In To The New Year

What a great year it has been for Sale Moor residents and the very popular and success story that is the ‘We are Sale Moor’ group.

For the new year looking onwards, there will be challenges ahead, but the spirit, the courage, and the amazing sense of community that always shines brightest in Trafford, Sale Moor will come out on top.

Sale Moor has a few issues going in to 2017, the Labour councillors will be doing all they can to fight for the residents of this great village, we are ourselves are concerned about traffic issues and the pollution is also not good, two issues that need to be tackled!, we saw one man in the video talk about cycling, Sale Moor from the reports we get are never mentioned in any ‘Trafford Cycling Forum’ meetings.

Cycling in the village is very dangerous, and a new route needs to be looked at to take them away from the roads, cycle lanes are not and should never be a first choice for cycling safety, as they are as dangerous as any part of the road.

We wish all Sale Moor residents, the great work the councillors have done through out the year, and to the ‘We are Sale Moor’ group a very happy Christmas and a happy and winning new year from all at News4Trafford.


(Video by John Forrest)

Categories: Christmas, Community, Sale Moor

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