Weather Advisory Issued For North West England At The Weekend

The Met Office have issued a weather advisory for all of the North West, And Scotland as severe weather hits the UK from Friday.


Weather Man Martin Miles from Manchester Weather sent us this forecast:

“The big Christmas getaway is going to be a lively one as we see the second Met Office named storm of the season, ‘Storm Barbara’, arrive onto our shores this Friday.

For Trafford, the main problem will be strong gusts of wind in excess of 50mph at times. The worst of these gusts will arrive from around lunchtime on Friday, lasting until after sunset when wind gusts will gradually reduce into the overnight period.

We will see some brief heavy rain also on Friday although for Trafford, it is not expected to amount too much with the wind gusts being under a Met office weather warning.

A white Christmas is not on the cards this year, instead we will see temperatures widely up to around 12°C on Christmas Day although expect further strong and gusty winds associated with another area of low pressure to our North-West.”

Weekend is looking wild, if your cycling at the weekend take the advisory serious.


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