A Trafford Council cycling forum member was given a letter this week bu Manchester United security staff telling everyone that Himor the land owners do not want anyone on that road, and if not authorised you will be subject to trespassing.

Image: Google Maps

This will come as a shock to cyclists and people who like to walk down that way, maybe dog walkers and fans of Manchester United looking to get an autograph.

Himor is the company in charge of building the new Carrington village, but for it to block access down Birch Road is a step to far.

Trafford Cycling Forum

We have asked Trafford and they told me that the letter is official and the council was aware of the situation.

Trafford have also said anyone looking to ask questions must not direct them to Manchester United but to Himor at Carrington Business Park, Manchester Road, Carrington.

News4trafford has since asked Himor for a response but has yet to reply.