Letters Handed Out To Cyclists On Birch Road In Carrington Tell People You No Longer Have Any Rights To Be There!

A Trafford Council cycling forum member was given a letter this week bu Manchester United security staff telling everyone that Himor the land owners do not want anyone on that road, and if not authorised you will be subject to trespassing.


Image: Google Maps

This will come as a shock to cyclists and people who like to walk down that way, maybe dog walkers and fans of Manchester United looking to get an autograph.

Himor is the company in charge of building the new Carrington village, but for it to block access down Birch Road is a step to far.


Trafford Cycling Forum

We have asked Trafford and they told me that the letter is official and the council was aware of the situation.

Trafford have also said anyone looking to ask questions must not direct them to Manchester United but to Himor at Carrington Business Park, Manchester Road, Carrington.

News4trafford has since asked Himor for a response but has yet to reply.


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  1. This doesn’t bode well for Timor and people’s rights for dealings in the future. I have used that road for the past 30 years, walking, running and cycling. I cannot believe they should be so petty as to stop it’s use. It’s important for local people to keep fit and it’s a safe cut through for cyclists to use. Timor you are a disgrace.

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    • Hi Barbara, yes Himor are a disgrace we agree, but they are the owner of the land and can do what it likes, we still have yet to establish the real cause of the changes , but we won’t give up, thanks for your message and hope your enjoying our news service.


  2. Hi. I know Himor own the land but I don’t think they can just do what they want..If a path has been used for over 20 years without people being challenged,it’s called presumed dedication and it means that in effect it becomes a public footpath. The pathways over the Moss have been used for a lot longer than that.


    • Hi Barbara, we have cyclists on our small team here and let me tell you they are all livid with what has gone on, we have now got statements from TFGM, Trafford Council, Councillors, and nothing from Himor or Manchester United as yet, this road belongs to Himor and can do what it likes, Trafford and TFGM are trying hard to get this road opened again, and we will be fighting hard also, can I ask are you a cyclist?


  3. Hi.
    Yes over the years, I have riden horses, biked, walked and jogged that route without ever being challenged. My friend was also handed the notice when she cycled through last week. There are now notices all over my end of the Moss from Firs Road woods saying trespassers will be prosecuted etc. These paths are also reguarly used. Firs Road woods gives us access to the Trans pennine route.
    I have written to my Mp and Trafford Council.



    • Hi Barbara, well done for contacting your MP which is possibly Kate Green, Trafford cannot do anything, but will use your comments as they will others to add pressure to Himor, all we can do now is fight our corner and that Barbara we shall do, hope you have a nice weekend.


  4. very sad that himor has done this.I will have to take my dog to playing fields on firsway. Thanks for that. After over 30 years of bird watching and photo taking its very sad its come to this.I suffer from fits and can’t go far.I see you have put up gates.Why can’t the gates be left open by day and closed at night so animal lovers by day can enjoy there hobbies.You have upset a lot of people a bout this.When all said and done people have use these roads for over 30 40 50 years .


    • Hello John, thanks for your message, I think we are all upset about Himor at the moment, the only crumb of comfort I can give you is that Trafford and TFGM are doing all they can to get them to reconsider, but you are aware Himor does own that bit of land and can pretty much do with it as they please, we will keep you and everyone else informed throughout and will do our best to get this road re opened, have a nice weekend John and thanks for contacting us.


  5. Meeting to be held at Coppice library 7.30pm Weds 8th February re Himors closure of the paths on the Moss.


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